Kentucky Public Service Commission

Tariffs Library

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CSR-1-Curtailable Service Rider-1
CSR-2-Curtailable Service Rider-2
DSM-Demand-Side Management Cost Recovery Mechanism
ECR-Environmental Cost Recovery Surcharge
EDR-Economic Development Rider
EF-Excess Facilities
Energy Curtailment and Service Restoration Procedures
EVC-Electric Vehicle Charging
EVSE-Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
EVSE-R-Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
FAC-Fuel Adjustment Clause
FF-Franchise Fee
FLS-Flucuating Load Service
General Index
GS-General Service
GT-Green Tariff
GTOD-Demand-General Time-of-Day Demand Service
GTOD-Energy-General Time-of-Day Energy Service
HEA-Home Energy Assistance Program
IL-Intermittent Loads
Kilowatt Hours Consumed by Lighting Units
LE-Lighting Energy Service
LQF-Large Capacity Cogeneration and Small Power Production Qualifying Facilities
LS-Lighting Service
NMS-2-Net Metering Service-2
NMS-Net Metering Service
OSL-Outdoor Sports Lighting Service
OSS-Off System Sales Adjustment Clause
PS-Power Service
PSA-Pole and Structure Attachment Charges
RC-Redundant Capacity
RLS-Restricted Lighting Service
RS-Residential Service
RTOD-Demand-Residential Time-of-Day Demand Service
RTOD-Energy-Residential Time-of-Day Energy Service
RTS-Retail Transmission Service
Special Charges
SQF-Small Capacity Cogeneration and Small Power Production Qualifying Facilities
SSP-Solar Share Program Rider
ST-School Tax
TE-Traffic Energy Service
Terms and Conditions
TODP-Time-of-Day Primary Service
TODS-Time-of-Day Secondary Service
TS-Temporary-to-Permanent and Seasonal Service
VFD-Volunteer Fire Department Service