Kentucky Public Service Commission

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LPE-3-Large Power Time-of-Day
Rules and Regulations
Schedule C-Commercial and Industrial Service
Schedule C-Time-of-Day Commercial Service
Schedule CM-Small Commercial Off-Peak Marketing-ETS
Schedule D-Large Commercial Industrial Service Optional Time-of-Day Rate
Schedule E-Large Industrial Rate
Schedule LPB-1-Large Power
Schedule LPB-2-Large Power
Schedule LPB-3-Large Power
Schedule LPB-4-Large Power
Schedule LPB-5-Large Power
Schedule LPC-1-Large Power
Schedule LPC-2-Large Power
Schedule LPC-3-Large Power
Schedule LPC-4-Large Power
Schedule LPC-5-Large Power
Schedule LPE-1-Large Power Time-of-Day
Schedule LPE-2-Large Power Time-of-Day
Schedule LPE-4-Large Power Time-of-Day
Schedule LPE-5-Large Power Time-of-Day
Schedule OL-Outdoor Lighting Service
Schedule R-Residential Service
Schedule R-Time-of-Day Residential Service
Schedule RM-Residential Off-Peak Marketing-ETS
Schedule SL-Street Lighting Service